The introduction of computing into our lives has created several different phenomenon, and has serious altered the way in which we interact with each other and the world around us. First and foremost, it has made daily life consist of completely different inter-workings. In our society, as well as many, physical labor is quickly being […]

To most, the job of a professor involves nothing more than going to class and giving a lecture. Many would even argue that they don’t even bother grading assignments, as this is often the job of a Teachers Assistant. However, this is because in reality, most faculty members have many behind the scenes responsibilities that […]

When entering the Computer Engineering major, I did not understand the differences between the various other majors, such as Computer Science and Computer Science: Bioinformatics. After, some research, I have found my answers. Computer Science is an entirely software focused major, and Computer Science: Bioinformatics is a mix between Computer Science and Biology. Computer Engineering […]

Ideally, anyone who graduates from college should be able to start working immediately. This, however, is not the reality at all. Graduating does not equate to a job. However, working along the way during college, but before you are ready to enter the work force, allow for much greater opportunities when you are ready to […]

The two careers in computing that I most contemplate are becoming a software engineer or an application developer, with the most appealing of the two being a software engineer. Software engineers have a certain appeal to me for their visible results and focus on creativity. A quick Google search of the job tells you that […]