Welcome to CyBlurb

First of all, introductions. Nice to meet you; my name is Ryan, and I am the host of this humble blog. At this point in time, although I have a vision for some of what I want CyBlurb to be, right now it is nothing more than a tech blog in the making. That means I’m looking for a relationship. I need users to help guide me, to help create something truly worthwhile.

The spirit of CyBlurb is already clear to me.  The idea came to me while reading an article from another tech blog and I just couldn’t help think to myself, “This is ridiculous. Their predictions will never happen. It’s like the author isn’t even a techie.”

The more I think about it, they probably aren’t techies at all. They don’t love those tid-bits of information. They don’t love saving up every dime to buy new and cutting edge tech, knowing that they are part of a movement. They probably don’t have their own style or ideas, just vomiting words until they have something that sounds like it will latch a few readers and they can get their ad revenue. They aren’t genuinely interested in technology like so many of us are.

But even for the “softies,” the ones who just want to keep up with the times, it’s no fun sorting through garbage. It’s even less fun when you can’t tell what’s garbage and what’s not. The world of technology has so much to offer, and it does not deserve to be muddled by those who give no respect to it’s beauty.

So I decided I needed to make something a little bit counter-culture. I need to make something where I can hear back from the users to gauge what needs to be said. I need to do writing that pulls upon research and history, not half-assed misquoting and photo galleries. I need detail, but also enough energy to keep the interesting in the art. I need to put in the fire that drives me to have the passion for technology that I do; there is a reason I am on my way to becoming a computer engineer, and it’s not money or power, but fascination. So here is where I want that fascination to begin to spread, in a way that really can have meaning to people, in ways that hopefully they would not have thought before.

So here in this cybernetic world, my mind and my virtual pen will be ever-waiting, preparing for the next thoughts to be put into type, the blurbs that would otherwise be left unsaid, because maybe sometimes things should be said.

I’d love to heard from any and all viewers what they think of this effort, what they would like to see, ideas for future posts, product reviews they’d like done, or any other thoughts. So please, comment away!


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  1. I deleted all the old comments; it was time to clean things out. Sorry all commenters.


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