Monthly Archives: October 2013

Questions in computing

When entering the Computer Engineering major, I did not understand the differences between the various other majors, such as Computer Science and Computer Science: Bioinformatics. After, some research, I have found my answers. Computer Science is an entirely software focused major, and Computer Science: Bioinformatics is a mix between Computer Science and Biology. Computer Engineering […]

Path to a Career: Internships and More

Ideally, anyone who graduates from college should be able to start working immediately. This, however, is not the reality at all. Graduating does not equate to a job. However, working along the way during college, but before you are ready to enter the work force, allow for much greater opportunities when you are ready to […]

Career Paths

The two careers in computing that I most contemplate are becoming a software engineer or an application developer, with the most appealing of the two being a software engineer. Software engineers have a certain appeal to me for their visible results and focus on creativity. A quick Google search of the job tells you that […]

Form of Learning

I have always been one to ask questions. That’s who I am; things interest me, and then I cannot resist but to find out more. Curiosity becomes borderline obsession as I look for information. Asking questions has never been my problem. I have never been much of a sleeper. I get distracted, and I have […]


Time to clean this thing out; I haven’t really used it like I should have. I might keep the first post for old times sake, but otherwise it’s time to restart. I need to use this blog for classes, and maybe I’ll add some other stuff too. Who knows.