Form of Learning

I have always been one to ask questions. That’s who I am; things interest me, and then I cannot resist but to find out more. Curiosity becomes borderline obsession as I look for information. Asking questions has never been my problem.

I have never been much of a sleeper. I get distracted, and I have insomnia. Brain resting is near nonexistent.

Studying and sleeping have always been my issues. Once something captures me, I am gone, but it must first past that threshold. Starting something I don’t want to start is painful, even though once I begin working I get lost in my efforts. Instead, I get lost in trivialities, staying up all night deep in my thoughts and loose activities that don’t matter.

My cure, up to this point, has always been what I have been told is the best method of learning: teaching the material to others. I care about people. Easily more than myself. So even when I don’t care enough to do my own work, I have always cared enough to help others with their work. Then, by teaching a concept to someone else, who in return asks questions about the concept to me, I am forced to gain a deeper understanding than I would have by simply glancing over the material or if I was studying while tired.

I know that I need to improve my personal motivation. That is obvious. However, I feel that teaching has been a very successful method for me over the years. I think I’ll stick to what has brought me to this point in my life in the first place.



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