Questions in computing

When entering the Computer Engineering major, I did not understand the differences between the various other majors, such as Computer Science and Computer Science: Bioinformatics. After, some research, I have found my answers. Computer Science is an entirely software focused major, and Computer Science: Bioinformatics is a mix between Computer Science and Biology. Computer Engineering is half Computer Science, half Electrical Engineering, allowing for a background in both hardware and software. This is very similar to other programs such as UC Berkeley’s EECS program, simply under a different title.

When I was at Triton Day and I listened to the Computer Engineering talk, many of the alumni claimed that most Computer Engineering majors ended up specializing in a more specific branch of computing, usually becoming more of an Electrical Engineer or a Computer Science major. At the time, I did not really understand this statement, since they claimed they stayed in the Computer Engineering major. Now, looking at the four year plan, I understand what they were talking about. During the last few quarters of the Computer Engineering major, many of the class choices are labeled as “CSE/ECE Elective.” This refers to a variety of eligible courses that the student can choose to become more skilled in specific areas of computing, helping their skill set lean more towards Electrical Engineering of Computer Science. Additionally, there is a “cluster requirement” that must be fulfilled, with topics for the clusters including artificial intelligence, networked systems, and software engineering. With these clusters, it is even more possible to become specialized within the Computer Engineering major.

Some questions I have are still unanswered. For example, on the four-year-plan, it suggests that in my spring quarter I take the class ECE 35. However, the prerequisite for this class is completing PHYS 2A and concurrent enrollment in PHYS 2B, which is not recommended for me to take until my 3rd year. Is this a website error, or are Computer Engineering majors allowed to circumvent this rule for some reason?

As I have mentioned in past blog posts, I would love to be involved in a startup and try to make my own a company. However, I am not really sure when or how to do this. Should I get a job first? Should I do this over the summer, as if it were an internship? How can I get people other than asking friends to help me? What have others that have been involved in startups done? Although this is a strong desire of mine, it is also a scary one, because I feel like it is venturing into dangerous territory. Hopefully I can find some guidance; after all, that seems to be what CSE 91 is all about!



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